Vision Over Widgets

Forget the notion entrepreneurship means chasing hypothetical profits or frantically stumbling on half-baked “million dollar ideas” first. Most formative ventures actually stem directly from unleashed human talents and addressing problems people face. Many times businesses are “messy” at first, but gradually catch a groove and begin running like a clock. Mainstream myths perpetuate deceptive templates about coldly calculating market viability above all. I’m here to tell you that it begins by looking inward. I can’t even begin to stress how important that statement is.

It’s time to tune out the external noise. Your big idea won’t likely materialize from obsessing over puzzles with missing pieces anyway. Instead, let your innate passions and community pain points guide next generation thoughts for you. It has to come from inside you. What makes you tick? What you obsess about? What you find yourself thinking about constantly?

See, we’ve been conditioned to view business building as somewhat bland and mechanical – find a widget to sell in a tight niche, scale a solution, create an app on IOS or Android and then explode margins. When in reality, impact and income blossom fully from first planting seeds around what ignites YOUR greatest vitality. When in reality most formative ventures stem less from crafty moments of genius or ingenuity – they flow directly from unleashed human talents, experiences and unbridled passions in solving problems.

So rather than fretting over market viability first, reframe your benchmark quest around self-excavation of raw ideas instead. What inner strengths or specialized insights light you up? How might channeling those gifts solve pain points for people? When building ventures tethers tightly to work that feels effortless, monetization mechanics sort themselves out just fine. If you have difficulty figuring out how to monetize that, don’t worry. There are many people who can help you come up with those solutions. This is why I’ve created a community for people looking to do just that.

Try to stay out of your comfort zone. What I mean by that is if you have always worked in as a retail salesperson, you need to drop that tunnel vision and just think about what makes you happy and drives your being. It does not have to be what you have done, or are doing now to make money. Perhaps you do love what you do, maybe you have so much experience that it makes sense to go that route. My point is, don’t limit your thoughts to just that train of thought, thinking you need to stay in that channel.

So try flipping the script on discovery – what preexisting gifts or insights light you up effortlessly? How might you match those to relieving chronic frustrations shared by many? ‍

Let’s reframe benchmarks around self-excavation and purpose alignment, not head-scratching over what puzzling widgets you can sell tomorrow to someone who will buy once and forget about you. Building long term value, that begs people to come back organically. Let’s go through some reflection questions to spur your thoughts. Let’s reimagine possibilities beyond career box checklists. Here are some reflection springboards towards identifying something that could hit your brand of business:

  • What specialized skills or life wisdom do you instinctively accumulate and share freely? Industry experience offers insider perspectives. Personal journeys build emotional intelligence.
  • What can you talk with people endlessly about? What conversations to you find yourself wanting to have with anyone and everyone you interact with?
  • What underserved community obstacles or recurring complaints resonate where solutions don’t yet exist? Apply your distinct worldview to reveal gaping holes.
  • When exactly do you lose track of time immersed in passion projects outside work? Identifying these activities signals talents ripe for you to fill and monetize.
  • Who already seeks your counsel or expertise thanks to your trusted perspectives, opinions and thoughts? Preexisting confidence accelerates any offering’s appeal.
  • What everyday hassles make you think “there HAS to be a better way…”? Don’t underestimate tiny frustrations brewing big solutions after enough annoyance builds up!
  • What ambitious visions ignite your pulse even if next steps seem uncertain? Bold dreams deserve exploring regardless of current feasibility.

Remember, you want ideas – regardless of costs, ability, or “realistic” constraints. You can always start small and scale, however if you discount things just because of a perceived roadblock, you can’t get where you want to go. Align ideas and support first – worry about logistics of implementing things later. Those can always be tweaked to fit what you have available.

The goal is firstly reconnecting with dormant talents taken for granted and chronic frustrations begging your innovative lens. Reflection subsequently unveils the most rewarding business concepts. When purpose pursuits synchronize to solve bothered people’s pains, suddenly monetization models flow freely. Allow yourself permission to ambitiously daydream first. We’ll figure out tactical bridges of how to make the dream a reality in due time!