Preparing for Freedom

In order to take control of your destiny, to live life on your own terms, and to experience the ultimate liberation that comes from being truly, unapologetically free.

Freedom isn’t something that’s handed to you on a silver platter. It’s not something you can wish for or manifest through positive thinking and good vibes alone. Freedom is something you have to fight for, tooth and nail, every single day. It’s something you have to earn through blood, sweat, and tears, through relentless effort and unwavering determination. Your decision to do this has to be pure. If you need some thought candy to get your mindset where it needs to be READ THIS.

And if you want to taste the sweet nectar of true freedom, there are three non-negotiable steps you must take. Three crucial milestones you must hit on your journey to liberation. Let’s start with the basics and we will build from there. Today, we’re going to dive into each one, so you can arm yourself with the knowledge, strategies, and unshakable mindset you need to make your escape from the prison of modern slavery. We will build on these as time goes on.

Step One: Eliminate All Debt
The first step to freedom is to break free from the suffocating chains of debt that keep you shackled to a life of servitude and wage slavery. Debt is the ultimate freedom killer, the insidious force that keeps you trapped in a cycle of endless payments, mounting interest, and soul-crushing stress. Every dollar you owe is a dollar that belongs to someone else, a piece of your precious life energy that you’ve sold off to the highest bidder. Read that again – debt is someone else’s money, not yours. YOU need the money. You earned it, it should be yours.

But if you want to be truly free, you must make it your mission to eliminate debt from your life, once and for all. This means getting serious about your finances, creating a budget, and ruthlessly cutting out any expenses that aren’t absolutely essential. It means taking on extra work, selling off possessions you don’t need, and doing whatever it takes to generate extra income to throw at your debt. I can’t stress enough how important this is. If you owe anyone anything, that is who controls you.

And most importantly, it means stopping the bleeding by refusing to take on any new debt, no matter how tempting or “necessary” it may seem. Every time you swipe that credit card or sign on the dotted line for a new loan, car, concert ticket, or even cupcakes, you’re selling off a piece of your soul and your future freedom. So stop spending on those cards, only buy what is absolutely necessary with your online shopping accounts, and commit to living within your means, no matter what. Your income needs to be spent on eliminating those bills and paying extra on each one until they are completely zero’d out.

Step Two: Create a Break Away Fund
Once you’ve broken free from the chains of debt, it’s time to start building your war chest – a break away fund that will give you the financial leverage to make your ultimate escape. This is the money that will buy you the time and space to pursue your dreams, to take risks and seize opportunities that would otherwise be out of reach.

Building a break away fund isn’t easy – it requires discipline, sacrifice, and a willingness to delay gratification in the short term for the sake of long-term freedom. But if you’re serious about taking control of your life, it’s non-negotiable. Start by setting aside a minimum of 30% of your take home income each month. All that extra money you now have not making payments goes directly into your break away fund. I personally prefer putting that into Bitcoin – but whatever medium you choose to save it in, just do it. No exceptions.

And here’s the key – your break away fund isn’t just a safety net or a rainy day account. It’s a fucking war chest, a source of power and leverage that will allow you to take bold action and seize control of your destiny. Whether you use it to quit your soul-sucking job, start your own business, or take a sabbatical to travel the world and find your purpose, your break away fund is the key to unlocking a life of true freedom and adventure. YOU are now in control of your life and your future.

Step Three: Learn the Skills to Earn Without a Traditional Job
Even if you’ve eliminated your debt and built a solid and healthy break away fund, you’ll never be truly free if you’re still dependent on a traditional job for your income. Trading your time for money is a losing game, a never-ending treadmill that keeps you trapped in a cycle of servitude and dependence. They pay you at exactly the level they can to keep you from quitting. Remember, the goal of a business is to make money and have the lowest expenses possible. I talk more about that HERE.

If you want to be truly free, you must develop the skills and knowledge to generate income on your own terms, without relying on an employer or a boss to dictate your worth. This means investing in yourself, learning high-value skills that are in demand in the marketplace, and developing the entrepreneurial mindset that will allow you to create your own opportunities. You need to be able to work and earn for yourself from anywhere. Don’t take that lightly.

Whether you decide to start your own business, freelance your services, or create passive income streams through investments or online ventures, the key is to take control of your own financial destiny. To develop the ability to generate income from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule, and on your own terms.

And here’s the beautiful thing – once you’ve developed these skills and taken control of your income, a whole new world of possibilities opens up to you. You’re no longer beholden to the whims of a boss or the constraints of a traditional job. You’re free to live life on your own terms, to pursue your passions and live with purpose, to create a legacy, start or continue focusing on your family, and have the opportunity to decide exactly what you want each new day to look like.

But make no mistake – the road to freedom is not for the weak. It requires courage, perseverance, and a willingness to take massive, unapologetic action in the face of fear and uncertainty. There will be setbacks, challenges, and moments of doubt that will test your resolve to the very core.

In those moments, remember this – the temporary discomfort of discipline and hard work pales in comparison to the soul-crushing agony of a life spent in bondage to debt, dependence, and wage slavery. The sacrifices you make today are the price you must pay for the ultimate freedom and fulfillment you deserve. Every day that you wait, put this off, make exceptions, or procrastinate is one less day of pure happiness that you are giving up.

So stand tall, look your fears in the eye, and take the first step towards your liberation. Embrace the challenges, welcome the struggle, and know that with every obstacle you overcome, you’re one step closer to the life you know you are supposed to be living. That’s the reason you are here.

Freedom is waiting for you, just beyond the horizon of your comfort zone. All you have to do is reach out and claim it. You were not put on this planet to work for someone else for your whole life, squeak by just barely able to survive. You were put here to find and achieve your own purpose.

Your time is now. Your moment is here. It’s at your fingertips – reach out and grab it.